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What you need to know about tattoos

Tattoo is made by implanting pigment into the skin using a special needle. This raises the question whether making a tattoo hurts? The answer is not clear because not everybody feels the pain but it is obvious that this is not a pleasant feeling and in some cases people experience a real ordeal. The pain is mainly dependent on the place where we want to place our dream pattern.
Hygiene is very important in a tattoo studio, we must remember that the person making the tattoo should be qualified and experienced. It is important that sterile needles and gloves are used; disposable equipment must be used otherwise we can catch viruses such as HIV. tattoos
Making a tattoo is an extremely serious decision, therefore, you should carefully consider whether you want it, and if you decide then think about choosing the right pattern. Remember that a tattoo cannot be removed with water and it will remain on your body for ever (removal is not 100%). If after some time you realize that making tattoo was a bad decision, there are several methods to remove it, but unfortunately on the skin remain visible marks. The most popular and probably the most secure method is laser removal where CO2 lasers are used. In short, it consists of disruption of dye so that it is absorbed through the skin. Surgery can be performed if your tattoo is very small and after it remains a small scar; if your tattoo is larger there is applied a skin graft following earlier application of the expander. Another method is dermabrasion treatment that involves tearing or peeling skin to the depth of the ink placed.
tattoos designs
tattoos designs
We can also make a temporary tattoo, this method does not differ from the traditional one but it uses a dye, which is absorbed through the skin. The problem is that it is never absorbed in 100% and after that remain very unsightly stains or even scars from the needle.
After making the tattoo we must observe some basic rules. You can not drink alcohol, swim, use the sauna or direct shower on the tattoo. It is also forbidden to sunbathe and scrape scabs; you should also avoid tight clothing so as not to irritate the freshly made a tattoo, it is recommended that the tattoo is unveiled.


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